Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT)

26-27 July 2018 Bali - Indonesia


From 25-28 July, #AIPA will hold a regional workshop in #Bali to spearhead a commitment from 10 ASEAN member states in tackling the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (#SECTT). As a region with the fastest tourism growth in the world, Southeast Asia is currently facing several challenges from the development of tourism, most importantly the impact on children’s rights and safety#Childsexoffenders use websites and social messaging apps to lure children and sexually abuse them.

The #AIPASecretariat initiated the resolution “Formulating and Implementing Project-Based Initiative on Strengthening Legal Framework to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (SECTT)” at the 38th AIPA General Assembly in Manila last year in order to unite all ASEAN parliaments to help protect our children against these predators.

In this workshop, #AIPAParliamentarians will gather to discuss, understand regional trends and manifestations on SECTT, share experiences and good practices on the implementation of key legal interventions in domestic laws to protect children from SECTT, and to collaborate with stakeholders in preventing and combatting SECTT.

The goal is to have a standard of punishment in the region that is pratical and realistic. This is a concrete attempt to truly have a unified #ASEANCommunitythat tackles issues which effect all of our countries.